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About Bill

Public service has been at the center of Bill O'Neill's life, much of it involved with the criminal justice system. 20 years ago he helped found the highly regarded Dismas House, where parolees rebuild their lives in a positive, law-abiding manner. He served as Executive Director of the New Mexico Juvenile Parole Board, and is currently the Development Director for the PEP Program, a mentoring program for high-risk juvenile offenders run through the New Mexico Conference Of Churches. A graduate of Cornell University, Bill has lived in Albuquerque since 1990.

He was elected to the House of Representatives in 2008. In his first term of office, Representative O'Neill sponsored -- and in many cases, passed -- a wide range of bills in the areas of public safety, ethics reform, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. His House Bill 131 protects the victims of identity theft and became law in May 2012.

In the 2013 legislative session, Senator O'Neill sponsored a range of bills in the area of ethics reform, public safety, and tax policy. Then, SB 210, for example, would prohibit recently retiring or defeated elected officials from going directly into the profession of lobbying, as they can in New Mexico. SB 126 would have established a new tax category for those individuals making $250,000 or more annually and would generate close to $50 million in desperately needed revenue in FY 2014. Senator O'Neill's SB 143 & 145 were updated for archaic community corrections statutes to enable state probation and parole to better supervise their parolee clients and were signed into law by Governor Martinez. SB 313 was an embryonic stem cell research bill that would enable UNM Med School to pursue aggressive research in this promising area, which of course represents economic development as well as hope for many who suffer from debilitating illness.

Serving as Vice Chair of the Senate Public Affairs Committee and and as a member of the Senate Education Committee, Bill has been named to a number of Legislative Interim Committees as well: Health & Human Services; Courts, Corrections and Justice; Investment & Pension Oversight; Science & Technology; Mortgage Finance Authority Oversight, and he also is a member the Behavioral Health Subcommitee.

For a list of his upcoming scheduled events and committees, click on to his upcoming events section of this website.

And feel free to contact Senator O'Neill on any state or local issue that you care deeply about do not hesitate to e mail him at, or to call him on his personal cell (450-9263).